The Deep Entrapment

We are not our true selves
because we are born into a great deception.

We are confused and distracted
because this state is acceptable to us.

The historical formula of deception
is divide and rule.

We are divided both from our true nature,
and from one another.

We prefer the entertainment of the magician’s deception and misdirection
to the realisation of consciousness.

An understanding of this great danger
speeds us towards enlightenment.

By consenting to be distracted – and therefore deceived – we agree to be confused. Acceptability is an agreement that approximates truth, and seems ‘good enough’. We come to believe that this approximation is normal because we don’t know any better.

Wanting to be admired, and fit into this deception, is merely following the rules of the prison: looking at the possibility of entrapment is not for the faint hearted.

If we have invested so much time and energy into following something in samsara (the vicious cycle of an illusory existence), then we cannot and will not think ‘outside the box’. Clinging to a favourite set of numbers for the lottery, we feel we have to continue using those, like a lucky charm. It’s a self-fulfilling trap. We’re being manipulated day after day, and unfortunately, we find this exploitation an acceptable price to pay.

We are enslaved by the power of wealth – which is a total illusion as it all dissolves at death. By pursuing wealth and power, we forget our true wealth and power, which comes from the quality of undistracted consciousness.

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