We Have To Comprehend Before We Can See …
… only then we can recognise.

In order to come to any kind of decision about what is taking place in our mind, we need to have already comprehended the nature of mind that is pure, open awareness. Pure awareness is the complete, unhindered state of our pure being.

We aren’t at all what we have been led to believe. Our thoughts and emotions are not us; they are merely contents in the mind. We are that which is beyond. We are the passive observation that has not yet created a duality. Duality is our usual state of “I see.” Non-duality is just the seeing itself, before we announce that we see. It is something we miss at every moment, unless we are trained.

The Dzogchen approach is a direct realisation of this state of play. No beliefs are required, just direct seeing with confidence. Other traditions rely on the assumption that, one day, we will get it. Dzogchen is not like that. Life is far too short to just hang around, doing the same old thing and hoping for change. This is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity!

Within the context of pure awareness, thoughts and emotions are vividly seen. We (pure awareness) are not yet involved, and remain unmoved within inner peace. This is how we liberate thoughts and emotions as they arise and thus, thoughts and emotions become wisdom. We are no longer reacting to type; everything is fresh.

Ordinary people do not notice that when a thought or an emotion arises, there are nano-moments of development taking place prior to that. Ordinary people go into reaction mode, where there is no time or space for reflection. This habitual reaction is ego orientated, where thoughts and emotions are given an extra boost. Ordinary people are unaware of awareness, of consciousness. They do not notice perception, memory and judgement taking place, which is the dualistic enhancement of the ego.

We are first and foremost empty, intelligent, compassionate, wise, space of pure being. Once we comprehend and recognise this, realisation takes place, and the habitual self programming can take a back seat.

How are we ignorant of all this? We have been ‘hypnotised’ since young by all sorts of subtle influences from our particular environment, which we reinforce through auto-suggestion, giving these ideas a boost and making them our life’s goal. Few see the need to break out.

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