Is Our Intelligence Working Against Us?

Blinkered by futile diligence,
we don’t notice that we are the product.

Because we rely on outer knowledge and outer conditions to enhance our lives, we find ingenious ways – with the help of others – to engage our attention and our desires. But any satisfaction never lasts, and then we just want more of the same.

We are highly adaptable beings and can cope with anything, but we’ve become dependent to the extent that, in the future, we’ll no longer know how to drive a car, and the car or the road may even decide that it no longer needs us to be there. 😀

We can get off this ‘self’ made world.

It is within meditation that we will find perfect peace and perfect satisfaction, and that life is indeed fruitful. This peace, contentment and confidence is realised within the meditation. Peace is not the meditation; it is the result of meditation. The result of meditation is non-meditation. Just being. Just being anywhere, at any time. Inner wellbeing will have a great effect on outer wellbeing, whereas only being concerned with outer wellbeing, we become obsessively attached to everything.

The world around will always demand over-activity to promote its political agenda, wars, substance /food abuse and pharmaceutical treatments. In this way, commerce is shaping human consciousness.

The more we are aware, the more we wake up, stop believing and regain our consciousness. Are we the product of evil intent? No, that supposedly evil intent is just an illusion for the intellect to play with. Real intelligence rests in seeing, realising that our energy is better placed in enlightened, compassionate activities.

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