Teaching Or Experience?

This is a strange dilemma.
We need both, but remember the meaning of those words,
“Don’t take my word for it.”

Anyone who ever realised something
has had to let go of whatever they were taught,
because the experience of realisation is beyond words
and the world isn’t that neat and tidy.

If we overlay experience with teaching,
the experience will be obscured.

Teachings are generalisations.
It is experience that leads to realisation.

Realisation is not adhering to a system or technique:
we are not robots.
It is seeing all the dots join up, while acknowledging
whatever is interfering with those dots.

We drop the guilt, pride, jealousy, fear, desire
and, most of all,
We do not ignore that which is experiencing experience!

Everyone has the potential to care.
We do not need to be learned to care.

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