The ‘I’ Needs To be Challenged

This ‘I’ is merely consciousness clinging to ideas.
The indicator of empathetic consciousness is compassion,
and compassion is challenging to the ‘I’, the ego.
Compassion does not accept rubbish.

We Need To Exorcise Our Demons Rather Than Exercise Them

Our demons are our early trauma – some bad, some good, some mediocre.
All early events leave a mark of some sort
which help to create an attitude that we carry throughout life.
We can either bring an end to the effect of trauma
or recreate it, and pass it on.
Don’t let anyone pass on their old rubbish.

Comply And Obey
This is the new world order
Spiritual teachings should directly confront
our habitual tendency to conform.
They are definitely not about conforming to conventional beliefs and thinking.
Surveillance keeps us in line,
staying in a pattern to be sold ‘something’.
If we’re not aware, we can be ‘sold’ any old rubbish.

Whatever We Believe Is Nonsense

Belief is all in the mind.
Truth is that which recognises beliefs in the mind.

Feeling Exorcised

Conjure up evil spirits – likes and dislikes – to see them.
Realise that they only exist in the mind.
They therefore never truly existed in the first place.





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