It’s All About Me-me!

 A meme (pronounced meem) is that which is imitated.

Are we just a copy of others’ ideas?
We may take a side because of a condition brought about by others.
Is this not divide and conquer?
What if memes are created for this exact reason?

Pure consciousness has no sides; it has no religion.
It is, “That which is not”.
Call that ‘Rigpa’ or ‘Shiva’ or whatever you want
but the realisation is beyond identity.

We are Rigpa.
We are Shiva.
We are original consciousness.
Meditate and see,
and then drop the meditation.

We realise that there is no me-me-me.

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2 Responses to IT’S ALL ABOUT ME-ME!

  1. Marcel degrauw says:

    We are that.., ‘which is not’. Unborn infinite, timeless potential; without birth, without death.

  2. Ben Naga says:

    Me. Me Me. The one note samba,

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