We Are Plastic Believers Until …

We are plastic believers until
genuine pure awareness is realised,
resulting in genuine empathy and genuine compassion.

Practice is more than appearance.

There are westerners who call themselves ‘shaman’, and who adopt indigenous cultures because they don’t like their own: they completely miss the point that realisation takes place within one’s own mind and within one’s own culture, here and now.

This modern, new age movement (or fashion) probably started with Madame Blavatski in the mid 1800’s. Ever since then, the ‘something else’ that people have been seeking has been provided for them. Spiritual groups adopt others’ cultures and languages, while pure awareness or consciousness is beyond such fashion accessories.

We cherry pick teachings and rituals to show that we’re different and now belong to something else. Becoming elitist, we dilute the essence of the teachings while still all being in the same boat of confusion. To resolve our confusion, we merely have to acknowledge this confusion. That which recognises is exactly what we’ve been looking for. For this realisation, we can stay in the same house, in the same street.

The Buddha sought instruction within the Vedic tradition, which was foreign to his upbringing in confined luxury, until he realised the essence of the teaching where nothing is needed – no rattles, no drums, no protection cords, no exotic chants.

Toys are nice for a while,
and then true boredom sets in.
When the truth is realised, things have no interest.

There is far too much plastic in the world anyway!

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