Can We Wake Others?

This is a delicate matter,
and one I’m still learning about.

We can inform others, but ‘waking’ means going deeper, and they may not be ready for that, in the sense of not being able to see subtle differences in their deeply-held views.

People have to be ready to give up their ideas in order to see things afresh. Waking starts with doubts and inner questioning: if questions are not asked, then the channel of communication is not open. In such a case, do we have to leave others alone? We can be supportive of another’s view to a point, but then we have to keep our peace. If we become over-enthusiastic, they may – and do – back away.

People awaken once they realise that their dream has become a nightmare; they then have to recognise that are unhappy or dissatisfied before before they can do something about it. Not everyone is ready to look for the true cause of that unhappiness, which is a belief in our self image (and nowadays, we are encouraged to have ‘belief’ in ourself, and that only makes us more obstinate and arrogant).

When people are told things at the wrong time, this goes in as information and stays as information, rather than as an experience of knowingness that leads to realisation.

This is a problem that I’ve found with spiritual groups. We may join a group to see what they know, and we may find that they have answers … their answers. If we ask questions, they give us their response – rather than an answer to our question. We then wonder whether we should wake them up 😀 because their answer is only satisfying to them, coming from the mould of their tradition.

Plastic People
Plastic: from Greek plastikos, ‘to mould’.

Aren’t we all moulded, until we decide to break out?





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