Understanding Fellow Beings

Our relative reality is created by consciousness relating to everything. This is our dualistic existence; we believe appearances in the mind to be real. The mind is where our world takes place – but there is something we forget 🙂

Ultimately, nothing can be said to exist, as everything is a temporary event in the mind to which we have been relating. All appearances in the mind are witnessed by pure consciousness that does not relate to anything. Pure consciousness is our ultimate reality, and just is. Ordinary, relative consciousness has cluttered itself with relationships within the ultimate reality of empty cognisance.

From an ultimate point of view, appearances and recognition are simultaneous; there is no relating. Now, if we choose, we can relate but this is no longer a permanent arrangement. 😀

In relative reality, we rely on dependency, and so remain needy because we doubt our ultimate reality of pure consciousness. We create associations, such as God and someone to blame (the Devil/Mara). God and the Devil represent hope and fear. In ultimate reality we are free of doubt, and there is no need for dependency on either a God or someone to blame.

Our original nature is pure consciousness, which is all encompassing wisdom and compassion. It is our ego – our ideas – that deny this purity of consciousness.

Ultimate consciousness is the clear mirror.
Relative reality is the reflections in the mirror
to which we relate and believe to be real.

Esoteric, relative reality is vertical thinking – “It is this!”
Exoteric, ultimate reality is lateral thinking – “What is it?”

(Vertical thinking is a sequence of logical steps to come to a conclusion from information gained.  Lateral thinking, on the other hand, is directly questioning the source of that information to see if it is valid.)

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