This Is Exactly The Right Time For Spiritual Progress

Like the Buddha, we see people suffering and we see that life is tenuous. In these turbulent times, the Dzogchen teachings on Rigpa (pure consciousness) are perfectly relevant to know what is real and what is seemingly real. We suffer because of identification with this body and the contents of the mind.

Pure consciousness – that which actually sees – can never suffer as it is non-material. We may wonder if something non-material exists; we cannot see it because we are it. It is extremely subtle, but obvious when investigated – which means that we have to investigate 🙂 Being told something isn’t realising it. We have to see pure seeing in experience, and there are no shortcuts.

We can empathise with others’ suffering and, in this recognition, are moved to be of benefit, avoiding the creation of further harm and suffering.

Our precious opinions of blame are unnecessary. We must maintain inner sanity for the sake of others, and this inner sanity comes from understanding, experience and realisation of the true nature of things and self. This is why it is said, “Know thy self.” It isn’t said, “Make assumptions about thy self.”

Knowing that death is not the end, we never give up. It is because we see the impermanent nature of things and self that we know this is all an illusion. What knows? Pure consciousness.

Illusions may feel real, but that which sees without comment is the real reality. Whatever is seen has no reality – things and self image come and go. When we realise that we are not this self image, our view changes. It is our desperation to hold on to illusions that causes us suffering. When we wake up, we see that we have been living others’ dreams. Who have we been trying to impress?

Whatever happens in the next moment is uncertain, but what is certain is that pure consciousness is always present. That is the most important realisation we can achieve, by simply doing nothing.

With this understanding, our actions, speech and thinking will be a guide.

The time is always now.
There are no excuses in Dzogchen.
Every moment is a teaching.

Get up, see what needs to be done, and relax.
When we look after our world,
our world will look after us.

If we make assumptions about our world,
the world will reflect our assumptions.

If the teachings are present in every moment,
love is present in every moment,
and our world is brighter.

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