If Consciousness Is Always Present … 

If consciousness is always present, 
we should always be present, because we are consciousness.

Ordinary consciousness can both think and store information,
but it becomes bound by that information, forgetting consciousness: 
it transforms into an ego-information-centre,
predictable and lost in sentimentality
as it’s always referring to something other. 

When this ordinary consciousness looks in on itself 
– finding nothing but consciousness –
the realisation of ever-present pure consciousness dawns.
In this way, confusion dawns as wisdom.

Within pure consciousness, we can do, say and think anything 
while remaining aware of potentials.
Pure consciousness is unpredictable, 
being able to empathise and manifest compassion to suit a situation.

In this way, consciousness stays objective
rather than being driven by subjectivity.

If we transpose the word ‘God’ for ‘Pure Consciousness’, 
theistic text makes practical sense, 
rather than being a sentimental ideal.

God consciousness is pure consciousness,
turning experience from exoteric to esoteric.

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