Subconscious Substitute Dependency

We know not what we do.”

We grow up believing that our parents and teachers know everything and, in this way, we all learn to be dependent. There will come a time when we see that this is no longer true, and we find ourselves looking for an all-knowing substitute – which is when we may turn to gurus or spiritual teachers who will tell us what to do.

Even as adults, we still have the tendency to want to be dependent because everyone around us seems lost and confused, looking for something to depend on. 

Unfortunately, gurus and spiritual teachers don’t recognise (… or maybe they do … ) that students rely on them too much, and even if the guru or organisation does something that we may not agree with, we pass this off as, “They know more than me”! Been there, seen this silliness … 

Throughout the generations, we have been indoctrinated to obey, and to look to others for guidance. We abdicate responsibility. This is definitely why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; test the teaching as you would test for gold.” If this is so, test the organisation too.

Waking up means recognising the one point, taking responsibility, building confidence and, above all, engendering true, empathetic compassion. 

When gurus surround themselves with the dreaded inner circle of ‘comforters’ and ‘buffers’, the guru may not see – or want to see – their own dependency on the students. 

Even the title ‘student’ puts us in an inferior position. We are all people whose essence is pure consciousness. If we realise this clear knowingness (rather than merely acquiring knowledge), we will recognise the one point, take responsibility, build confidence and, above all, engender true empathetic compassion. Dependency is just a substitute for confidence. It is another word for belief, which is second-hand knowledge.

There is no substitute for pure consciousness. 
Pure consciousness has no dependency,
and is free of subconscious attachments.

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