There Is No Need To Solve Problems

There is no need to solve problems,
as reaction only creates another reaction.

A problem is an effect.
Look for the cause, and the effect dissolves.
If we try to alter the effect, we will only create another cause.

Someone abusing us is an effect.
In trying to deal with the effect, we create another situation.
If we look at the cause of the effect – the abuse – we see a misguided imp.

Seeing this misguided imp, we can only smile.
We have resolved the problem!
That is confident realisation.

Similarly, the suffering we experience is an effect.
When we look for the cause of that effect, we find the same misguided imp,
which is a misguided self identity 😀

To actually solve a problem and see its cause,
we merely have to question it rather than judge it,
Our misguided imps need empathy in order to be liberated.

Imp: Old English impa, meaning ‘young shoot’,  based on Greek emphuein â€˜to implant’. In late Middle English, the noun denoted a descendant, especially of a noble family, and later a child of the devil or a person regarded as such; hence a ‘little devil’ or mischievous child (early 17th century).

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