Gross, Subtle And Innermost Subtle Modes Of Being

We live in three ways: a gross survival level, a subtle inner feeling driving force level, and fully conscious level.

The gross level is our behaviour. 
The subtle level is our hidden feeling of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ that we rarely share.
The innermost subtle level is pure consciousness.

Our gross level is the outer world – the one we create for ourselves.
Our subtle level is a feeling of identity centred around a self image; this is something that we cannot share with others, even though we’d like to. Generally, we live in a gross physical world, with our hidden agenda of a vulnerable self. This is the cause of our frustrations; it’s the driving force and sets the pattern of our outer behaviour.
The innermost subtle level isn’t something we have; it’s what we actually are.

As long as we are tied up in our gross and subtle worlds, we miss – or ignore – our innermost subtle being of pure consciousness itself. This is the universal trap for all sentient beings caught and held in the three laws or three commandments –

These universal laws are desire, aversion and ignorance, 
attraction, repulsion and indifference.

All we need is to look and see. It’s not something that we read about and understand: it needs analysing and putting to the test. As long as we are engrossed in the physical and mental aspects of life, we will never find happiness or understanding.

Pure consciousness is happiness itself. Life is simple, and only becomes complicated when others unconsciously demand adherence to gross collective thinking. Believing everything that we are told keeps us bound to the collective ‘religion’ which requires us to conform (think the same way), and that actually manifests and perpetuates disorder, chaos, confusion, and suffering. Just look and see.

It stands to reason that there those who utilise our desires, aversions and ignorance for gain. They sell ideas and we buy them.

We can step out of this gross existence at any moment.
To wake up, we have to be woken
to come out of our gross and subtle dreaming. 

To be awoken, we have to be aware that 
we may indeed be dreaming,
but are on the verge of waking up.

The modern term ‘woke’ has nothing to do with our waking up to being pure consciousness. It’s a political term meaning to be aware of social injustice that actually seems to create further upheaval and divisions. 

When spirituality (consciousness) is hijacked by religion, politics and commerce,
be aware that our culture is being affected.

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