The Positive Dopamine Effect

The pleasure centre in the brain.

Ordinarily, we do things for some sort of reward or pleasure which we think brings us happiness – conditional happiness. If the conditions change, we become unhappy.

That is the negative side of desire, but there is a positive side to the dopamine effect which is natural, when each moment is naturally rewarding. There is no point to life if we cannot connect with spiritual inspiration. 😀

With the understanding that each moment is a product of the past, and that there is no past in the present moment, we stop worrying. When we no longer react out of past habits, our karma, our behavioural patterning is wearing itself out. There is only a residual feeling left, and that’s nothing to worry about 🙂

Bliss is absence of worry, and lack of tension.
\That is the happiness we seek.

We no longer worry
because we can play with the illusions of being human
with all its peculiar patterning.

Be positive about being negative!

Let’s say you don’t like what is written here … it’s too intense … it’s all ego! What is it that sees these ideas? It’s consciousness of course – but, if we then let go of our peculiar judgements, we are left in pure consciousness. It’s all about that which sees, rather than whatever is seen.

We might get some satisfaction from identifying things about this peculiar author, but that would be a negative satisfaction to carry on to the next moment. There is always a residual of feeling, and if we act on that, we rebuild that residue into something concrete.

The positive side to seeing something peculiar in others is that, in first moment before judgement, the mind brightens – lights up – and just sees. That first moment is pure consciousness. Rest there.

If, on the other hand, we identify with these judgements in our peculiar way, consciousness turns into conscious-mess. 😀 And again, that which sees our conscious-mess is pure consciousness – it’s a win-win situation!

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