Sentimentality Clouds Clarity

When the truth is told, we realise that we already know it, but hadn’t recognised it. Truth isn’t a mystery: it’s not ‘other worldly’, but it can be dressed up in elaborations that keep realisation at a distance.

Sentimentality relates to the way we feel. Of course, we can have tears of joy for a moment, but we don’t cling to that as it mists up our vision. The truth is that we are pure awareness, pure consciousness, with nothing added.

Stop acting as if you don’t know! To ‘act’ is to believe or pretend. Our problem comes from adopting a culture which isn’t our own, as this merely maintains the mystery. Incantations create awe for something special. Don’t be fooled; it’s all psychological – in a good way – but we can become stuck in the glue of sentimentality.

Sentimentality: exaggerated and self-indulgent tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia.

We are all Buddha nature, enlightened nature, so it’s nothing special. There is a place for those who want to be special; it’s called ‘Samsara’, which is our materialist world of wishful thinking 😀

Compassion and empathy only come from knowing our true state of pure awareness that takes no sides; in the presence of pure awareness, this not sentimental compassion and empathy. Sentimentality is the glue that holds our illusions together, whereas the clarity of pure awareness cuts through illusions of self-tenderness that are the cause of our suffering.

Sentimentality is oversensitive and becomes touchy, being easily upset and offended. It therefore lacks warmth. Clarity just sees and, in that moment of seeing, we are free of self-cherishing. It is clarity that heals sentimentality, and we gain real confidence.

We may think that clarity is cold.
It may be so in the moment of nowness,
but that clarity is the inspired inner warmth
that ignites the inner fire of realisation.

The paradox is
“Not seeing the wood/forest for the trees.”

The trees are the sentimental view,
while the overall view is clarity.

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