Consciousness Brings Suffering

Consciousness brings suffering.
Realising the nature of consciousness brings happiness.
We will never find happiness until we realise we are suffering.

Pure consciousness is at peace with everything, as everything is in a state of impermanence. Pure consciousness knows causes and conditions, and therefore nothing is real but only seems real. We have become excitable through everything in life being exaggerated and over-elaborated. Holding these exaggerations to be real, we become confused, we suffer, we argue, we find fault … and we think this is normal.

“But, I’m not suffering.”
Never disturb a sleeping person.

People are like elastic bands;
it doesn’t matter how far you stretch them,
they’ll go back to their normal, until they feel that the band is too tight
– or until it wears out!

The realisation:
We are on our way to nowhere.
We are already here.

Our ascension is due to subtle layers of inner conflict.
We’re not going up; we are going higher in realisation.

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