Swimming In A Sea Of Information, And Drowning In Ignorance

Thus is the fog of humanity’s consciousness, drowning in side issues – and our relationship with spiritual teachings can also be like this.

The essence of teaching is very simple,
and if we trulyget it’,
we can then go away and live a fulfilling life.

If we constantly believe that we don’t know enough or aren’t good enough, we become confused and settle for feeling inferior; we’re amazed that others appear to ‘get it’ – but what do they get? The information – but what of the behaviour to go with it?

It’s actually oh-so-simple.
We are pure consciousness and, for that, we do nothing. Anything else is a hindrance to seeing this one truth.

Pure consciousness does not need to have numerous commentaries. It’s what we are. Get used to it, and become familiar with it. Then, see what is subtly destroying this inner peace.

The more times we see that we are distracted,
the less we are distracted.
It’s that simple.

When we can swim, we will never drown in ignorance again,
as ignorance becomes our teacher.

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