Ignorance Has Consequences

Indifference – not caring, being unaware – has consequences. There are two sides to everything, even consciousness. We have to know both sides, as both have consequences.

We are ultimate reality of pure consciousness, and we are also a relating reality of common consciousness that believes itis the reality.

There isn’t anything wrong with this relative reality – once we know our true reality. Taking sides is relative reality ā€“ known as samsara – which puts us on a collision course with others; the cause and consequence of this is a lack of compassion. Unfortunately, we learn by duplicating what we see around us.

We don’t have to feel guilty about any of this ā€“ we all do it. Whatever we feel is a product of past karma in our mind, and it’s what we have to work with. It’s our teacher.

The true consequences of realising ignorance are
enlightenment, empathy and compassion.

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