We Live In A Semiconscious Trance

Trance: a half-conscious state.

Generally, we are conscious enough to survive and carry out mundane tasks. It is usually only in times of anxiety that we awaken for a moment, and then return to our trance state. Quite complex tasks can be carried out in this state, but rarely are we fully conscious of our true nature beyond the trance state.

We are screened and trained to do certain types of work. Aldous Huxley wrote about this in the 1930s, in his book “Brave New World”, in which he describes the coming of the New World Order.

The trance-inducing state:
Just do this …
Just two weeks more.
Just flatten the curve.
Just two meters.
Just wear a mask.
Just keep your distance.
Just stay at home.
Just don’t go on holiday.
Just go into quarantine.
Just don’t go to work.
Just don’t go to the park or beach.
Just obey lockdown.
Just stay in your bubble.
Just don’t meet indoors.
Just listen to your leaders.
Just in groups of six.
Just have the vaccinations.
Just show your passport.
Just use track and trace.
Just don’t shake hands
Just wash your hand
Just wear a mask outdoors.
Just squirt this chemical on your hands.
Just stick this up your nose.
Just believe everything you are told.
Just allow politicians to hug and be close.
Just stay in the trance.
Just obey the curfew
Just do this so you do not murder others …

The clarity of meditation cuts through the trance, once … and for all.

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