Adepts Adapt

Adapt: to adjust to new conditions.
Adept: one who realises the nature of reality.

In all times and places, adepts arise within complex social and cultural structures, adjusting to each immediate environment. This isn’t a matter of adopting something new: it is addressing Mara’s adaptations which create new opportunities to deceive. Mara – demonic activity of troubled minds – waits in ambush to snare the unconscious.

Our mind is Mara’s playground.
All the while, the guiding light of pure consciousness
adapts to the guiding of darkness.

For particular, disturbing times,
the esoteric offers flexible, ad hoc teachings (an adhocracy)
in place of rigid bureaucracies.

Dzogchen – direct seeing – is one such system.
We are all Dzogchen adepts who can adapt.

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