There Is Only One Truth, But Many Levels …

There is only one truth,
but there are many levels of misunderstanding about that one, absolute truth
– in which case, there aren’t many truths,
but just misunderstandings.

The one truth is that which sees, knows and is conscious.
What else could it be?

For a forest to be beautiful, there has to be a consciousness to know it.
For there to be a God, there has to be a consciousness to know it.
For there to be Buddha’s teaching, there has to be a consciousness to know it.

This is why, in order to find this one truth,
we have to realise that we are that which we seek.
That is amazing.

For a conventional mind, this is so boggling that it goes off to do something else and, for that reason, absolute truth remains a secret. Because of this, we create things after our own image in our imagination, and we only see what we project.

The infinite universe builds the stage with eternal entrances and exits arising from causes and conditions, attractions and repulsions. All this did not suddenly start; that idea is only due to conventional thinking that cannot cope with infinites, and so manifested many versions of a creator god or self in its own image.

That one truth is the emptiness of pure consciousness.
Of course, there are those who don’t want it to be empty, as they want to do things.

Pure consciousness has never caused a problem,
and is where inner peace and love are realised

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