If We Know The Truth

If we know the truth,
we don’t have to remember anything.

The Most Important Day Of Our Life

The most important day of our life
is the day when we know why we were born.

The Truth Is Without Elaboration

The simple truth is that we are what we seek;
the silent witnessing of pure consciousness.

Why Were We Born?

We were born because we didn’t know that we are spirit.
The silent witnessing of pure consciousness,
overtaken by desire and fear,
took on an appropriate form.

If we can understand this,
we should count ourself fortunate.

Nothing Is As Satisfying As Knowing Where We Went Wrong

Knowing where we went wrong is enlightenment.
All we have to do then is stay knowing.

At this moment, we notice what it is that has been obscuring this light,
and which now serves as a reminder to stay in the light.

We went wrong when we started to believe others,
and lost trust in our own perfect knowingness.

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