It Is Nonsense To Believe In Spirituality

It is nonsense to believe in spirituality.
If we believe, then we are not sure.

Belief is for those who doubt,
as teachings received are over-elaborate and wordy.

We are confused as to how it all fits together.
When we know, we don’t have to remember anything.

It’s not a matter of learning this and then that;
it is pure awareness that is naturally present.
We have always been the truth … naturally.

If we are stuck in beliefs, we may imagine
that our spirituality comes with angels and rainbows,
and a welcoming committee … Ta-dah!

It’s definitely not like that.

Spirituality is knowing that we are alive, and mentally well.
Pure consciousness has no need to be dressed up.

Now, all we do is live with the karma we have created.
This karma is our precious teacher that serves as a reminder
that this spiritual being is present and happy.

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