There Are No Obstacles

Obstacles – fear, desire, indifference and opinions – limit our mind.

Realisation is merely perception in this moment now; it is non-conceptual, and therefore without comment. This is pure consciousness. Our being as it is. We are all this pure nature – even the worst of us.

The seeming obstacles are created by a consciousness that forgot its origin of purity and instead, brought to life a self-image that causes trouble for itself and others, and which imposes limitations.

Just because we realise our true nature, however, doesn’t mean that life suddenly becomes hunky-dory. We still have to deal with this parasitic self, this work of fiction.

Once we accept that our life is a creation borrowed from others who, in turn, borrowed from others, we see the trap we are all in. Parasites feed off unaware, unconscious hosts; other words for these parasites are Demons, Mara, Jinn …

Parasite: mid 16th century: via Latin from Greek parasitos ‘(person) eating at another’s table’

Obstacles are all in the mind,
never in consciousness.

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