Arrested, Judged and Condemned … Lol!

When we look, our attention is caught and held (arrested), and we refer to the precedent of memory (judgement), and re-enact.

In this way, we are condemned for life to our illusory prison. Why? Because we don’t just look, see and let be. We attach; we constantly build and maintain our judgements and, in that continuity, we sentence ourselves to life imprisonment in our illusory prison.

How do we get out of jail and be free?
We catch our self at the very moment of condemning others, and just let go.

Judgements are usually about other people, and are when we lose our inner peace. Of course, if someone, through ignorance, is about to harm themselves or others, we may do something, depending on our capacity to inspire and support. People say and do all sorts of strange things … this will never end until their enlightenment.

Natural freedom is the realisation of non-duality, where appearances and empty cognisance are inseparable. Upon seeing something ‘strange’, that strangeness spontaneously reminds us of the empty cognisance of seeing that is present. Seeing and the thing seen are inseparable.

Wishing you a carefree Christmas.
Tony and Kathie

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  1. Luke Grogan says:

    Merry Christmas 🎄

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