If We Are Not Told The Truth

If we’re not told the truth,
what are we being told?

If we’re not told the truth, then maybe – consciously or unconsciously – we are being told misunderstandings and untruths. If we are unaware, it is we who will reap the consequences.

Once we know the truth of our reality, we know that anything other than that turns us away from reality. As long as we do not recognise the truth, we will live with these misunderstandings and untruths.

Our very being has always been the unobstructed clarity of pure consciousness: in Sanskrit, this is known as the Three Kayas –

Dharmakaya: emptiness (purity)
Sambhogakaya: cognisance (knowingness)
Nirmanakaya: unconfined compassion (the illumination of obstructions)
These three are inseparable.

What is the truth of our reality?
You always know.

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