Stuck In a Mind Loop

Ever feel like you’re treading water,
responding to life in the same way all the time?

Instead of remaining in pure perception, consciousness becomes corrupted or distracted and, via the senses, information goes straight to memory and then judgement, and we react. The memory is our weakness as it is full of trauma, both gross and subtle; we see through coloured glass which distorts our perception.

These trauma come from childhood and so, when something happens, we just react in the same old manner. Imagine the trauma youngsters are going through right now. We tend to think of bad events when we talk of trauma, but it could also be the result of having a ‘nice’ life where arguments and discord never happen … and when they do, the family covers it up. As a result, we find it difficult to cope with conflict later in life.

If we want evidence of all this, we just have to look at any of our reactions to others. Where did those criticisms come from?

It’s not all our fault as we didn’t know any better … and they didn’t know any better, either. For thousands of years, we have experienced trauma and deceit. If our ‘education’/our programming/our prison is limited, we will think this is all normal, and we’ll die not knowing anything about our true reality.

Unfortunately, religions add to this trauma with their subtle expectations and all their dos and don’ts.

Our spiritual path is our individual confusion which cuts through all these acquired ideas and trauma (I have a writing trauma, so Kathie has to check everything is in the correct order! :D)

We all live with trauma,
and this becomes our teacher.

When our self image wants to hold us back,
we just note that.

When others criticise us,
we just note that without referring to memory, and reacting.

This is how we clear our karmic path to enlightenment.

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