One Word That Describes Two Worlds


1. Ornament: Serving to look more attractive, while having no practical purpose.
Ordinary human beings project their ideas and opinions as useless ornaments.

2. Ornament: A quality of grace.
A quality of inner stillness that permeates one’s whole being, and expresses itself through empathetic compassion. This ability refers to merit, the power of good karma built up over time through meditation, effort and spiritual practice.

This effulgence of emanating joy can be transferred to other sentient beings through compassionate motivation towards all beings. This ability to inspire is lacking in almost all humans who are, in reality, foolish beings lost in a sea of selfish delusion, such that even their good actions are tainted by selfish motivations.

These two worlds can be seen as ordinary and Ordinary:
ordinary – ornament used for attraction is dark, and blind to our inner reality.
Ordinary – ornament that is our true inner being of pure awareness naturally glows and gives light.

How do we realise this inner ornament?
Become familiar with and gain confidence in our natural inner divine qualities.
The word ‘divine’ means ‘godlike’, and there is nothing higher than our enlightened being.

When we realise our true inner being, everything in our life becomes an expression of this inner purity.

If you’re ever worried about the word ‘purity’, it means ‘just seeing’, and that is what we naturally do. The difference is between ordinary seeing and divine seeing; the former dwells in vacancy, while the latter is the uncontaminated clarity of consciousness. All we have to do is drop our reactions, and re-cognise.

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