Measuring Consciousness

Consciousness is the same in all sentient beings as it is awareness, and we have to be aware to be alive. Consciousness is present before a decision is made.

This consciousness can be measured by the amount of self-promotion that is present, indicated by how much an ‘I’ is mentioned.

The inner quality of purity in consciousness can also be measured by the amount of empathy and compassion that is present, indicated by how little an ‘I’ is mentioned.

There is a gross consciousness, a subtle consciousness and an extremely subtle consciousness. Gross – our everyday decision making, requiring a constant duality.
Subtle – awareness of awareness, requiring a constant duality.
Extremely subtle – there is no awareness of awareness; there is just awareness, just pure consciousness, which is a constant non-duality.

Measuring consciousness is either measuring a self-identity or measuring the release from a self-identity.

“All that glitters is not gold.”
There are people who may look shiny and bright,
but who are incomplete in their realisation.

Beauty on the surface – like gold – is often deceptive,
but gets lots of clicks!

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