We Are Programmed To Be Ignorant

Our pursuit of happiness is actually the pursuit of ignorance.
It’s all upside down.
We are all upside down

Knowledge is neutral. The same knowledge can be used for good or for self-aggrandisement. Whoever thinks that they have the knowledge must realise that others also have the knowledge, each thinking ‘they’ have the secret, the right way up. It’s only a secret because most people are not interested in this knowledge.

This knowledge/secret is about our reality which is, quite simply, consciousness. Most people ignore this knowledge/secret. They are too involved in themselves and their ideas – which aren’t actually theirs; that is the programme. We are constantly swayed by our environment, which could be beneficial or harmful. The truth is always present to be seen – and that is how it is hidden in plain sight.

How do we recognise who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

One uses the knowledge/consciousness for gain, while the other uses knowledge/pure consciousness for loss, to let go. If we don’t let go, we are sentenced to repeat the same scenarios, because this consciousness keeps holding on to the same mindset. The moment when we refer to memory and judgements, we are stuck in a programme.

The real secret is letting go.
In that moment, there is nothing known
but knowingness itself.
That tells us all we need to know.

Who is helping us to ignore this?
Those who create distractions.

Good and evil:
by virtue of one, the other is known.

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