True Communication

Communing is a transmission of inner peace with another,
through just being aware.

We realise that everyday chit-chat gets us nowhere, and only ends up with division. What may be nourishment for one person is bitter poison to another. It’s all speculation, gossip, hearsay, history, geography and sentimental nostalgia, and it’s what we all do; we go round in circles, repeating the same words.

Repeating others’ comments
isn’t what we know:
it’s what they know.

In truth, once we realise this charade, then one person’s bitter poison is another’s nourishment, meaning that what others shy away from reminds us of the effect of fears and hopes, and we are free.

Genuine communication comes in silent appreciation of another’s true qualities. There is an open atmosphere of good company, where we come together in recognition. Being aware and quietly resting in deep relaxation is meditation. We can only know something when we just perceive, without constant judgement.

Sit still and upright.
Notice the breath, and stay focused on the breath.
This cuts through wandering thoughts and speculation.
It brings about peace.

Gradually, we become aware of the awareness that is noticing the breath. This is the next stage; being aware of being aware. That awareness is none other than consciousness. That is what we are. It’s not a thing that we can speculate about – it just is. This consciousness is what all creatures are, but they are too occupied or self-absorbed to notice.

The next stage is realising that, when we are aware of this consciousness, there is nothing else. We cannot find anything more – and that is what is called ’emptiness’. This is the uncontaminated experience and realisation that consciousness is pure.

That is our true reality, and the ability to commune with and be at one with everything. It’s pure, simple and uncomplicated, and this is what philosophers don’t get. Once we realise this perfect state, we can then recognise anything that obscures it because we know the world and its contrivances.

Meditate, and make the most of life.
When the teaching is put to the test, everything is amusing.
“… There they go again, and they think we don’t notice! … ”

Life is not pointless.
It’s enlightening.

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