How We Go Astray

We go astray and fall into ignorance when we fixate on or cling to any idea. Whether this fixation is adoration or dislike, we lose control of our mind.

Mind is a collection of ideas
to which consciousness attaches when it forgets its pure essence.
The essence of mind is pure consciousness.

Consciousness cannot go astray when it realises its true reality, free of the mind’s likes and dislikes. We (consciousness) may momentarily become distracted, but we know what to come back to.

Unfortunately, once we realise that we are pure consciousness, we can’t help but notice that the entire world feeds off likes and dislikes. We become competitive to feel superior; this is demonic forces messing with our minds, with everyone thinking they are winners when, in fact, we’re all losers – illusions trying to outdo other illusions.

Simply don’t play their games.
Smile, nod and leave them alone.

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