Are We Awake Or Asleep?

Dream: a state of mind in which someone is unaware of their immediate surroundings.
Awake: to regain consciousness.
Day-dream: thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.

When consciousness loses awareness of its immediate surroundings, we are in a state of sleep. We may be speaking, but if our attention is not directed at this immediate moment, we are talking of the past or projecting into the future; this is sleep-talk, reading imprints off the wall of the mind. Dreams are bits of information floating around in the mind to which we become attached.

We see this process very clearly when we meditate and drift off, and then nod off 😀

Our reality of pure consciousness is always awake, and is always now. We feel uncomfortable because we defend our imprints while consciousness is watching; a duality – consciousness and our projections – is in operation, and this conflict causes us to feel ill-at-ease. Our practice is just noticing this duality forming.

Our problem is knowing the difference between
our reality and an imprint.

Right speech is a reminder of our reality,
and is sometimes done with silence.

Non-duality is being awake to the moment:
we are free in the moment of seeing.

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