Lost In Space

Consciousness is live space, and the path to enlightenment. If we can acknowledge that we are consciousness – instead of being attracted to the flotsam and jetsam floating around in the mind that is rejected by the wise as worthless – we cannot not become enlightened. 🙂

We have so much potential within this space, but we squander it on trivia and glitter. Evil intent wants exactly that; to feed off our ignorance. Evil encourages us to feel lost, so that we will hold on to anything, anyone and everything. That is the illusion in which we live, and we forget that this illusion is within precious, conscious space.

We are not lost, and never have been.
We are the live space of consciousness
to the extent that it is pure.

Space is pure; nothing can disturb it.
Whatever we may do in space, space does not change.
Consciousness is like that.

There may be theories and mathematical models about space,
but space remains untouched
Consciousness is like that.

If we think we know who we are,
we are lost in the flotsam and jetsam.

Once we know what we are,
we are never lost.

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