Our Outer Life Masks Our Inner Life

We are so attached to our lifestyle that we ignore how we truly feel. We pretend. It sounds harsh to say, but we live a lie, an ‘illusion’. This is why we can’t honest; we are all in some sort of closet. Even being a Buddhist can be a lifestyle thing, and nothing to do with wisdom and empathy.

We all go through the motions of being human, but being truly human is to discover what makes us tick and why. If we merely follow others, we become a member of a herd that is no use to anyone, except to create more humans to become part of the herd.

Humans have the potential to realise their enlightened nature, just like a Buddha – an enlightened one. To do this, we merely have to go within and discover the value both of consciousness and our confusion. That is the path to enlightenment.

Enlightened intention is an evolution into a higher consciousness that is pure, and to discover that we were never separated from that higher consciousness. That is the cosmic joke. 😀

Do I have to be Buddhist?
If the ‘I’ is Buddhist, you’ve become an actor in hell.

Don’t be Buddhist.
Don’t be anything.
Just reflect on what the enlightened ones said,
and see if it’s true.

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