We Have No Original Ideas

We have no original ideas, and so we cannot say anything original. Try it! All ideas are placed in the mind by education, religion, media … and the rest is hearsay. Even our reactions are pre-prepared. Alas, we re-play our non-original ideas, and are bound to an unchanging life.

Is there anything original?

Yes. Our origin. It is our true nature of pure consciousness, silent and untouched; by it, everything is known. When we know our original nature, life changes because we no longer believe what others believe, and we stop becoming repeaters.

How do we say anything original?
In the realm of ultimate reality,
all speech loses its elaborations,
resolving in the inner silence of pure consciousness.

Nuff said!

Apart from,
“Where’s my spanner?”
“There it is!”
… resolution …

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