Not Guilty Just Misguided

The world around us portrays an image of itself for us to emulate. Being confused about this state of affairs we follow along. We become misguided.

Religions are like that. One never feels good enough, with all the elaboration projected at us, and so feeling embarrassed we emulate. Which comes from the word rival.

The act that ‘spiritual’ people go into is appalling and misguided. Do the smiles have any wisdom or kindness to them? Or, do they just want us to be like them, so they don’t feel so bad. 🙂

The idea seems to be that if people are made to feel worthless, they will easily conform. This is taken for granted, and we leave our brains at the door. Don’t ask any awkward questions like, why are we doing this?

We are Buddha nature now. It just have to uncovered, rather than pile-up with elaborations to feel better about ourselves.

It’s all in the eyes.
Are they open or fixed.
Are they interested or afraid?

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