The Magic Words That Did It For Me

“Do not take my word for it.”

The Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it: see or test it as if you would test for gold.” This was such a relief, as I didn’t have to conform or follow anyone any more.

The words broke through decades of theories and reliance on teachers. I dropped everything and everyone, and had a look – which shocked me, and opened up what is really happening in the world.

Actually, thinking about it, this was exactly what happened to Marpa Lotsāwa (the translator 1012–1097) on his return from India to Tibet. He collected many texts from Indian teachers, but his companion, being jealous, threw the texts overboard from the boat. On his return to Tibet, Marpa could only expound on what he had actually experienced … not hearsay 🙂

I’m not saying I’m Marpa. I’m just describing the way it is for me, when life became a direct shock. And it still is.

Do not take my word for it”
is quoted all the way through this blog.

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