The Many Ways To Realisation

Realisation is the experience of what we actually are, and it’s never what we think or believe 😀 We are, first and foremost, pure consciousness. What else can we be? It is through this that everything can be known.

If we are fortunate, we will come across a word or phrase – or even a gesture – that will change our lives forever … that’s if we are open to change.

Let’s take two words; judgement and judgemental.
Understanding the difference is the complete Dharma.
Many do not see the difference = they aren’t ready.

Judgement is the ability to consider something in the immediate moment now, and then drop it.
Judgemental is being fixated about our judgement, and being stuck with it.

To do anything, we first have to weigh it up and consider, judging whether something that is applicable in one moment may not be suitable in another; because of this, our judgement stays open. This can only be truly achieved from clarity, when the mind is free of bias = pure consciousness.

If, on the other hand, we are judgemental, we fixate about someone or something and cannot adjust. Empathy tells us that we too have made mistakes. Being judgemental is our karmic prison which limits the understanding for attaining any compassion or realisation. It’s not what we see that matters; it is the clarity of wisdom that transforms the seeing itself.

There is simple teaching everywhere when we know how to look, see, and drop it.
The word ‘Buddha’ means continuous realisation of our absolute essence, free of karmic influences.

The magic words are waiting for all of us … somewhere 😀

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