Let’s Get Depressed!

People get depressed because of confusion and doubt about their reality, and all society can do is give them a ‘pill’ to take, or talk them back into the state where they became depressed in the first place. This is why people are so predictable.

Feeling that there is more to life than whatever those influencers around us are pointlessly exuberant about, we can fall into darkness. Not to find an answer can feel really depressing.

We have to follow and have courage in our intuitive spirit: that spark in the darkness that others just do not see because they’re too busy admiring the outer glitter. And does it really make them happy?

Relief from suffering is experiencing the freedom from sentimental limitations. Suddenly, talents that had been hidden break through the fear of conformity.

There is a personal intuition that we should followed,
rather than surrendering to collective dogma.

Life is too short to live in doubt.
Gain confidence in the one point
– that we are pure consciousness.

Does this sound personal?

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