You Don’t Have To Leave Your Name

If you want to make a comment, you don’t have to leave your name or email address. That is for WordPress’s … something 🙂 You will just come up as ‘anonymous’ or ‘someone’ – as I often do with my second thoughts, so as not to clutter up the main article – but you can end your comment with whatever name you choose to give – or not.

Feel free to comment or disagree,
it’s how we make progress.

Someone once left a comment – “No,”.
“No,” ?!
I was intrigued.
Not about the “No” but about the comma.
Did the comma mean something?
Had they changed their mind halfway through?
Did they just press the wrong key?!

I’d love to know what you really feel 🙂
Feedback is how we adapt to the moment.

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