Censorship And Cancel Culture
The erosion of personal thinking.

People are cultivated to becoming more emotive (aroused), reactionary (conventional) or radical (revolutionary).

Want change, and don’t want change.
Like and dislike.

Those who think for themselves (outside the box) are shunned and rejected, regarded with disgust and hatred. This has become the norm in political, social, family and spiritual life where the sides are arranged.

Conversation only goes so far,
before subtle divisions occur.

As long as we go along with others, we are accepted.
Neighbourhoods have their types.

Birds of a feather flock/hug/have photos together, making sure that others are kept out!
Even when new birds are introduced to the flock, these new birds in turn flock/hug/have photos together …

When we become reliant on others,
we lose the ability to be independent,
and look for ourselves.

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