Waking Up To Consciousness

Most of the time, our attention is on something out there, and we’re never aware of consciousness. Within consciousness is open space, clear and unbiased wisdom, but unfortunately, we walk around in a cluttered space, full of likes, dislikes and indifferences.

There are two views – conscious and unconscious. The unconscious affects our behaviour and emotions as we are on auto-pilot; this is just basic functioning. When we’re asked, “Are you conscious?” we will say, “Certainly!” and then we lapse back into unconsciousness.

When we are conscious, we realise that we are consciousness: that is the definition of consciousness, and we start to view things in a very different way. We become connected, but not attached. Life is meaningful and fruitful. We have confidence in abundance, and therefore, empathy. There are no more enemies – just teachers.

No more sleep walking.
No more moving around, performing actions
without interest, enthusiasm, or awareness of the possible consequences.

Know the difference between
– staying awake –
and unconsciousness
– staying in the mind’s projections.

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