What Type Of Person Are We?

We all have a social I, one that others identify, and we can only get a glimpse of our persona by the reaction of others.

We could be the type who thinks others are wrong. What if they are right, and we are wrong? But how did they come to the conclusion that they are right? Confusing, isn’t it? 🙂 Are we all degrees of dysfunction until enlightenment?

We are all a “ship of fools”, an allegory about a ship with a dysfunctional crew, originating from Plato’s Republic.

The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself;
to be conquered by yourself is, of all things, most shameful and vile.”
– Plato

Truth is ageless.
It is merely handed down to those who have open minds.

Plato and Socrates lived around the same time as the Buddha, and it’s possible that Jesus knew about the Buddha. All esoteric teachings come to the same point of view. In absolute truth, there is nothing new under any sun. Within us all is the very same wisdom as the Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Vishnu …

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