Truth Beyond Belief

I keep on about belief because it is not direct experience; it’s borrowed, it’s second-hand. We only know when we have direct experience of a subject for ourselves.

This world bombards us with ‘information’ – so much so that we think we know, but all information is others’ experience – or bias. Even Tibetan Buddhism’s bias is partly to keep that culture alive outside its country of origin, and also to share experience.

An example that information is borrowed:
My wife and I attended an academy of art. The teachers would say, “That is too long” or “The angle is wrong” and this was extremely helpful, if we wanted to improve our drawing ability. But it was never our piece of work: it is only ours when we do it on our own.

The investigation of consciousness is like that.
“Do not take anyone’s word for the truth of consciousness;
see it for yourself”.

Actually, the realisation is that
we cannot see or find consciousness, as we are it!

That is the truth beyond belief.
The evidence lies in meditation.

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