Oblivious To Our Reality

Oblivious to our reality:
it’s quite shocking
that most inhabitants of this planet are unaware of what they are.

We are, first and foremost, pure consciousness by which everything can be known. If we do not know what we are, but are merely content to impress others, our reasoning powers have been thrown out of the window.

Have you wondered why there is so much distraction in life?
It allows us to forget!

Oblivious: the state of being unaware or unconcerned or unconscious about what is actually happening around us or within the mind.
Oblivion: from Latin oblivio(n-)‘forget’.

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  1. Wind says:

    To know this intellectually is one thing, but to realize it through glimpses in meditation is a completely another thing! We are all the One Infinite Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively yet we buy into the separation game! 🙂

    • tony says:

      Hello Wind,
      Is it possible that objective consciousness expresses itself subjectively?

      Are we all one infinite consciousness?
      At an esoteric level we realise the same objective truth.

      When we express this realisation it becomes exotic, and yes it does separate us … more or less.

      Someone asked one on my teachers, “Are we all one consciousness?” He said, “No”.

      Different traditions express experience differently. we have to choose which suits our understanding.

      Krishna, Buddha, Christ where all realised but expressed this realisation differently.

      Maybe, teachings change to suit the era?

      The Buddha was asked, Is there a God?
      To one person he said yes, to another he said no.


      • Wind says:

        Yes, I suppose language can become an obstacle in this understanding too. Everyone feels “I am” and eventually we come to realize that we are pure awareness and not just the ego-mind. Personally my faith is that what we call Brahman or God is both within and without, it is all that there is. Thou art that, tat tvam asi.

        I like what Kabir said; “All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”

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