The Illusion Within The Illusion

The truth within the illusion, within the illusion.

Everything that we see is merely temporary phenomena; nothing is permanent, so cannot be said to be everlasting. Things have the illusion of reality – that is the outer illusion. For most of us, these illusions are just life, and we don’t consider the consequences of our attachment to these illusions. That is the inner illusion.

The inner illusion is the mental interpretations that maintain attachment to the outer illusion. Unfortunately, in clinging to our ideas about these illusions, we become illusory experts.

The only reality is that which perceives these illusions, which is consciousness. At this point, through meditation, we can realise that there is consciousness within consciousness; that is pure consciousness. That is what we are.

Do not think about realisation.
That is trying too hard.

Realise that plain, pure seeing is always present.
That is when we wake up.

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