Root Guru – A Sticky Relationship

A root guru is our main teacher, and our strongest connection to the Dharma; it’s sometimes translated as ‘spiritual guide’. The bond is voluntary. Common sense will show us what to rely on.

We have to be aware of pretending that any relationship actually exists.

Binding oneself to a teacher and hoping that they are bound to us is an illusion. It just keeps the ‘wheels’ turning. Any guru has too many students to know anyone outside their immediate inner circle – and even then, it’s an illusion. Been there, done that. 🙂

You may be told that your Buddha-nature is your teacher. This is, in itself, a very confusing statement. You are Buddha-nature, but you’re confused because this Buddha-nature is holding on to something – a self-identity = karma! Karma is the result of previous clinging that drives our mind and body, and reveals itself in our reactions. This is our root guru/teacher as it shows us all our faults, and is therefore our personal guide.

Use common sense. No bond is necessary; we’re already stuck with karma at every moment, until enlightenment. And that doesn’t cost anything. 😀

Karma puts us in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time,
commensurate (in proportion) with our tendencies.

If we are fortunate, the ‘right’ things come along.
That’s if we are aware enough to appreciate them!

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