Before An ‘Observer’

Before an ‘observer’ observes anything, pure observation is already present, without the need for an ‘observer’.

Before we judge anything, there has to be observation first, right? The ‘observer’ is merely a self-construct of thoughts/memories/programming that interferes, and jumps in with its opinions which obscure pure observation.

Pure observation is pure consciousness, always present and perceiving through the senses without comment or identification. That pure consciousness is what we are, in reality, but it has no identity. To identify takes up time which obliterates the moment now. This is how we live on past memories.

The eyes perceive, and in the very first instant is the unity of appearances and consciousness; this is non-duality. But for ordinary consciousness (ordinary people), whatever is seen goes straight to memory for reference and judgement, and our habitual reactions take place. This why people become a type, and are therefore predictable.

Self-identification is the reason why we suffer, and infect those around us. It is mechanical reactions that must be cut through to break out of this deluded cycle of existence.

Just sit, back straight, eyes relaxed and open.
Allow the whole scene to enter the eyes.
See without looking.
When thoughts arise, allow them to be, but don’t follow them.
Return to pure perception.
If we do find that we – the observer – become lost in thoughts, merely return to just seeing.

It’s not a matter of being good at this; it’s a matter of being aware of what an observer is doing, that affects and clutters up our life, and the lives of others. If we cannot do good in the world, at least we’re not making it worse. 🙂

Allow whatever is out there to enter the eyes without judgement,
without taking sides.
This is how we maintain clarity, intuition, insight and inspiration.

Clinging to words and names
denies our true potential.

We are merely silent observation.

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